Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Solar Panels are mounted to building or to the ground using specific solar panel mounting kits. Although the topic of solar panel mounting kits is not generally covered in very much it is actually a key area to think about and to discuss with your installer when having a solar panel system installed. This article will cover three slightly different closely related areas:

  1. Solar panel mounting frames – This is the frame type that the solar panels are connected to. There are a number of different types of solar panel mounting frame including:

    1. On-roof mounting kit – these solar panel frame systems sit above the exisiting roof covering and require some sort of roof anchor to attach the frame to the roof structure below.

    2. In-roof mounting kit– these frame systems sit directly onto roofing batons similar to a velux window. This is often used for new build installations – if you retrofit it it requires removal of the existing tiles.

    3. Flat roof mounting kit – there are a few types of flat roof system available. Depending on the site specifics there are systems that require ballasting, systems that fix to the roof, systems that sit at a low pitch and are enclosed to minimise ballasting

    4. Ground mount kits – This is for solar panel s that are mounted on the ground, for example in a field. The most common types are fixed, but there are also systems that track the path of the sun available.

  2. Solar panel roof anchors – The choice of roof anchor is related to the type of roof covering your property has. Types of roof covering include:

    1. Concrete tile

    2. Plain tile

    3. Slate

    4. Industrial roof

Each of these roof coverings requires its own specific type of roof anchor and there are many manufacturers making different types for each one. Needless to say some of these are better than others. Exeo Energy’s has years of in-house experience with a large number of different type of roof anchor and we are familiar with almost all types available if not from direct use then from years of visiting trade fairs and exhibitions.

  1. Solar panel types

    1. Standard framed panel

    2. Glass laminates

    3. BIPV

    4. Solar slates and solar tiles

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