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Didcot, UK, By Andrew Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0, Here at Exeo Energy Ltd, we are experts at designing and installing high quality solar panel systems for domestic and commercial customers.  Our technical staff have designed solar panel systems that have been installed all over the world, and since 2009 our installation staff have installed hundreds of solar panel systems across the South of England.  Given our broad technical expertise, and array of satisfied clients, we can confidently say that Didcot is a great area to produce electricity from the sun with a solar photovoltaic system. Nearly any site—businesses, homes, schools, public buildings, farms—can reduce their electricity costs, improve their property value, and reduce their carbon footprint with an expertly designed and professionally installed solar system.

Consistent Results

Exeo Energy Ltd is currently monitoring electricity production from numerous solar systems throughout Oxfordshire and the wider UK. These monitored systems—domestic and commercial, big and small—all have one thing in common: they are efficiently generating electricity, and will earn back the full cost of installation plus a healthy profit over the course of their lifetimes.

Solar panels require virtually no maintenance, so your system will operate smoothly in the background for years to come. Exeo Energy Ltd stands by the quality of our systems, so we only sell warrantied equipment, installed under warrantied workmanship. Taken together, these factors mean that when you invest in a solar panel system from Exeo Energy, you receive a strong assurance that you will reduce your electricity bills, earn income from the Feed-In Tariff [link, link], and reduce your carbon footprint, all without hassle or worry. We are committed to transparency in the survey and quotation process, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how we can design the best solar system for your goals.

A Sound Investment

As an MCS-approved solar panel installer, Exeo Energy Ltd follows the industry standard, best practices for determining how quickly your solar system will pay for itself in energy savings[link]. Our project proposals show the amount of money you can expect to generate from the Feed-In Tariff scheme [link, link], plus the amount of money saved by not purchasing electricity from the grid. In our experience with hundreds of systems since 2009, we've found that many high-quality installations even exceed their expected financial returns, paying for themselves in less than half of their warrantied lifetime. See what options best suit your site by scheduling a site survey with us today.

Productivity of a Typical Domestic System

A typical home system will produce about as much energy annually as the average UK household consumes [link], although systems can be designed to any size within the physical constraints of the site. Solar panel performance depends on a few factors: the orientation of the panel toward the south (facing due-south is ideal), the tilt angle of the panels (most roofs in the UK have a near-ideal gradient of 35 degrees), the geographic latitude of the site (Oxfordshire receives a good quantity of sunlight), and the quality of the equipment. Considering these factors, a typical 4 kWp residential solar PV system in Oxford will generate electricity at these monthly rates:

A plot of the electricity generated monthly by a typical 4 kWp solar PV system in Oxford, UK, which has virtually identical solar conditions to Didcot.  A 4 kWp system would typically generate 3.6 MWh of electricity per year, compared to the 4.6 MWh of electricity that the average UK household uses annually.

With a solar energy system in Didcot, your home or company will be able to generate plenty of electricity for your own usage, plus you'll be able to generate income from the Feed-In Tariff scheme [link, link]. To discuss specifics of how much solar energy you'd like to generate, do contact us to arrange a site survey so we can customize a range of options for you.

Join a Growing Movement

A growing number of families, schools, businesses, and councils have chosen to generate their electricity from the sun [link, link]. The cost of solar energy systems has decreased rapidly over the last few years, such that solar farms that feed into the grid are being installed everywhere, including major projects in Bicester [link] and Abingdon [link] in Oxfordshire. Take advantage of this tremendous technological progress with a solar system that you control—contact Exeo Energy Ltd to determine the most efficient equipment for your solar energy goals.

Seasonal Energy Variation

We often receive inquires as to whether enough sunlight reaches our northerly region of the world for solar panels to be productive. We can confidently say that yes, Oxfordshire and the South of England are great places for efficiently generating solar electricity. Our northern latitude means that we experience a greater difference in daylight length bewteen the summer and winter than at a place closer to the equator. So, during the long summer days, Oxford (52 degrees north of the equator, and essentially the same solar conditions as Didcot) actually receives more sunlight than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (just 3 degrees north of the equator), as shown in this plot below:

A plot of the electricity generated monthly by a typical 4 kWp solar PV system in Oxford, UK, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from March through August.  The system in Oxford generates more electricity for four months of the year, April through July.

Solar panels here outperform locations close to the equator during the summer, and their yearly total electricity production is just 28% less than in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All of our project proposals include detailed information on how much energy you can expect to generate from your system, given the specifics of your site. Give our experts a ring to begin the assesment of your location for how to best generate solar electricity.

Solar Irradiance

The amount of energy from the sun that strikes the earth is called solar irradiance, measured in power per unit of area. The solar irradiance in Didcot is essentially the same as that for Oxforshire in general, where a typical solar photovoltaic system will produce about 1 MWh of energy per year for every 1 kWp of solar panels installed [link]. By comparison, the average UK household consumes about 4.6 MWh of electricity per year [link]. For this reason, many of our domestic clients choose to install 4 kWp solar systems that approximately cover their annual energy consumption.

The map below shows solar irradiance levels throughout the UK. Notice that Oxfordshire is amongst the best regions for generating solar energy.

A map produced by the PV-GIS service showing the annual solar irradiance for an optimally inclined solar photovoltaic panel in locations throughout the United Kingdom.

To determine how much solar energy you can generate at your site, contact us today and we'll schedule a site survey.

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